Our Website is designed to provide information and treatment options for parents and physicians of children suffering from Osgood-Schlatter disease, a common cause of knee pain in adolescent athletes. Over 25 million children are in the age bracket susceptible to Osgood-Schlatter disease in the United States alone!  

 2012 Testimonials


Hi there,

My son has had amazing success with recovering from Osgood Schlatters by taking Oscon. I have been recommending and sharing this site with everyone I speak to who has children with similar problems. Is there anywhere in Australia that stocks this amazing product? (ans. No) It takes about 2 weeks for it to arrive from the time of placing an order with you. Also would it be possible for you to send me some more of the information brochures that come with the Oscon so that I can share them with members of our sporting club? Thank you so much for providing a fantastic product and a cure for my son's pain.

Kindest regards,

Jacque W.

We received the medication on 16th of may.
The first 5th days of treatment, any shape of pain disappear (while touching or moving).
After the next 5 days, my son started the training (soccer) and the pain reappeared only when touching the inflammation of the knee and a little bit when running. My question is: Do we have to stop any form of training during the treatment (No) or it is a normal reaction what I just describe you (Yes). I'm waiting to hear from you.

Daniel N.


Thank you so much Gary. I actually did order Oscon from you a couple of years ago for my older daughter(then 10 years) who was suffering from Osgood-Schlatter in one knee and it was like a miracle come true. She took it for 60 days and has since been fine and continues being active in competitive soccer , no issues whatsoever. This time around it's for my 9 year old daughter, who too, is in competitive soccer and has Severs in both feet. She however, has problems swallowing the capsule but then again she can't stand the smell or taste of the crushed capsule. But we'll try nonetheless.


(Usually, because they are the "smooth & slippery" soft gel capsules, there is little problem with swallowing. If there is, the capsule may be pierced and the contents mixed with a variety of foods (peanut butter, honey, jam, chocolate syrup, etc.) , for people that have
difficulty with swallowing "pills". It can also be mixed with yogurt or
other viscous liquids like shakes or smoothies, but not juice or other thin liquids. I just chew them up and dispose of the shell, but that may be an acquired taste. Hope that solves the problem for you. There are no active ingredients in the shell. – Gary Nelson)

Thanks you so much for this remedy.

Catherine S.



My son has been using Oscon for going on 2 weeks now and I am amazed. After 2 years of irritation, rest, therapy, re-aggravation, x-rays,

and  MRIs, the pain has finally stopped. He feels great and is ready again for the field to try his hip out again. I am hoping this is the final cure. My question is how long does he need to keep up the dosage and should there be a reduction in dosage in time. I still can’t believe it. The change was almost instant. After only two days, he felt better and after one week he tried it out on the football field at 100% with no pain after the workout.


I just wanted to say thanks for such a great product! This has really worked on my 11 year old daughter's heel problems. Your product is amazing! Wow!
Suzanne S.


Dear Gary,

I want to thank you and your team for finding a cure for this disease .My son suffered for 4 months with this disease.I took him to my orthopedic doctor who recommended us the R I C E treatment.I'm just happy that I researched it and found your website .My son's pain was gone within two weeks.The Oscon vitamin E complex really does work! I will spread the words around, no kid should suffer from this disease.

Thanks again, Monika H.

My 14year old son has suffered from Osgood for over a year and has tried every treatment out there.  He is six days on Oscon and feels great!!!  He never wants to stop taking it, in fear of being in pain.  He is currently taking two tablets a day; does he go to one a day next month? (Yes)  Can he continue on one a day for a few months (Yes) or is that not healthy?

Thanks, Kerri D.


I have been taking the Oscon for about 5 days now and I have noticed greatly
reduced pain from my Osgood-Schlatter bump. Time will tell if this is
temporary or permanent while using the Oscon. It is very easy to walk up
steps now and bend over without the pain occurring, and of course my tennis
game will benefit from this lack of pain.
thank you. I will keep in touch.


 Hi Gary
 Just to let u know that OSCON worked wonders again, this time with my
 son.  My 18 year old son injured his knee in Nov 2011 when someone pushed
 him down at a disco. He had an arthroscopy and the orthopaedic surgeon
 said he had severe lateral tibial subchondral edema. (ie. edema under
 his articular cartilage), 3 months after the injury and he still had
 edema. If this edema doesn't go away his articular cartilage may break
 down.  Since OSCON works wonders at removing edema, I was hoping that it would
 remove this edema and had Brendan taking 2 Oscons a day. Unlike Osgood
 Schlatters where one can immediately see that it's working by the pain
 being gone, in my son's case I couldn't tell if the edema was going
 away as Brendan wasn't actually in pain as such.
 2 months later, Brendan had another MRI (this time a 3 Tesla MRI that
 can measure the thickness of articular cartilage) and the result was
 that there was no subchondral edema. I am convinced that it was OSCON
 that removed this edema (as well as God answering my prayers).
 Thanks again, Gary.
 Warm regards


Hi Gary

My son has been using Oscon for almost a year now with incredible results. He runs track and plays baseball. Problem is that I am afraid to take him off of it! It’s been a great year without knee pain and he is growing at a fast pace. Is continuous use dangerous (No!) or not as effective? (No) Do I need to take a break? (You can certainly try)

Thanks, Roseann S.


Well Gary-  I will admit that even as a scientist I am impressed.  Ainsley had a mild case but it seems to be gone after 2 weeks.  She made it through state meet and did great.  So something is happening because she is still working out 5 hrs a day.
So my next question to you is how long have you recommended children continue to take it?  We were planning to finish the 30 day supply with 2x day.  You recommended she then go to 1x per day for how long???  I am honestly impressed and will definitely recommend it to others at the gym.  I will place a reorder when I  hear back from you about length of treatment.  Thank you.
I did some research in the literature and was trying to figure out what the mechanisms of its action might be.  DO you have any idea?  Seems as though if it is a deficiency then with time one should become deficient again.  Correct?  Any evidence for other types of neuromuscular benefits because it seems strange if it s so specific to just growth plate related injuries.  Anyway..Just scientific curiosity.  Thanks.  Mayumi P.


Hi Gary,
Just wanted to let you know that my daughter, who is almost nine and a competitive gymnast, felt relief within five days of taking Oscon and was able to stop taping her foot for practice within two weeks. She and one of her team mates, both of whom have Sever’s, started taking it at the same time and the results were the same for both of them. We are now recommending your product to other parents at the gym. We heard about it from one of the mother's who had gotten Oscon for her daughter's Sever's disease two years ago.
I have just ordered a second bottle to prevent a relapse. What a great product!
Thank you!
Tjasa R.


Hi Gary
Thank you for your response.  My 14 year old son has been taking the tablets
for 2 weeks now and has reported a distinct change in the way his knees
feel.  His movement is so much better.  He is combining the Oscon with
regular stretching of his quads throughout the day.  He is about to commence
finals in his basketball competition so being able to run the court freely
has been an absolute blessing!
Thanks again & I will keep you posted
Clem & Jacque


It worked beautifully last season--hoping for same great relief for the now 15-yr old this year!

Thank you
Lisa D.


Hello Gary,

In August 2011 I bought the medicaments OSCON from you ( viz our conversation below). I am sending you the results of the cure of my son. First 15-20 days of cure he used 2 pills per day and a pain disappeared completely. The sick spot started to be less sensitive to the pressure. On 6th March 2012 he was 13th years old, he practises 5 times per week, on Sundays and Saturdays has competition games regularly. Since the first cure he hasn't complained about the pain at all. The movement is absolutely limitless for him. Under his knee there is still a little lump ( as you can se on the photo attached). In total he used 4 packages per 60 pills.

So my question is if he still should use these medicaments. Because I am afraid that if he stops using OSCON the pain and problems will come back. I expect he is starting to grow up now and the practice loads are getting bigger and harder. What do you recommend me?

 Thank you very much for your advice

Sincerely, Tomas, Czech Republic


I appreciate you calling me and giving me the answers about safety in a
pediatric population. The money back guarantee speaks volumes and having
my 11-yr old daughter as a return customer demonstrates my family's
confidence in you and Oscon. We are probably one of the more skeptical
families you may come across but your information as well as our own
physician's approval for safety assured the decision to try Oscon. I
think the only downfall is that it works so well eventually it solves
the problem. My daughter didn't have Osgood-Schlatter but a significant
amount of overuse and inflammation which resolved quickly within a few
days. Since she played club soccer at the age of 7 on an unbeaten team
for years, her chronic pain plus growth kept getting worse. The REST
method, customer orthotics, etc all had limited and minimal affect.
Oscon worked and worked quickly for us.

My daughter got Osgood Schlatters on her left knee in August 2010, took
Oscon in November 2010 (one bottle).
The pain went away very quickly (within a week) and she was able to go back
to her sport activities in January.
Now the pain is back on the other side, we assume it is the same thing so
we'll try Oscon again.
Terrific product!

Nathalie S.



My daughter got Osgood Schlatters on her left knee in August 2010, took Oscon in November 2010 (one bottle).
The pain went away very quickly (within a week) and she was able to go back to her sport activities in January. Now the pain is back on the other side, we assume it is the same thing so we'll try Oscon again. Terrific product!

Nathalie S., Eysines la Foret,  France, 2/29/2012


Hello Gary,
My 12 year old son started complaining about knee pain last summer while playing football.  It started on the left knee and after 2 months his right knee also began to hurt.  I took him to his pediatrican twice because he was constantly in pain.  The first time we took him his pediatrician said it was growing pains and that he was going to have to live with it for a few years until he stopped growing and that RICE was the best thing.  We left the doctors office pretty disappointed that there was nothing that could be done for my son, but tried the RICE method and went out and purchased some knee braces as well as a rolling bar which he was to use to strech his legs before football practice and games.  Needless to say it did not take the pain away and I resorted to giving my son Tylenol for his pain. 

A couple of months went by and once football season was over my son began playing basketball.  Well the pain became unbearable again and once again we took him to his pediatrician, but this time he actually gave us a diagnosis OSD and once again asked that we follow the RICE method since there was nothing else that could be done.  The next day I looked up OSD since I had never heard of it and I came across your website while doing my research.  I immediately contacted our pediatrician and asked him if he had ever heard of Oscon and of course his answer was "no".  I read him the ingredients and asked him if they would do any harm to my son and he told me "no" and that if I tried it it was "at my own risk".  So I took the leap of faith and ordered a bottle. After approximately 8 days of taking the Oscon my son informed me rather hesitantly that the pain "was not as bad anymore".  I think his hesitation was due to disbeleif because he was in so much pain and we had tried so many things and nothing had aliveated his pain and discomfort.

After 12 days of taking the medication he was able to bend his left leg, which had been something he was unable to do due to the excruciating pain it caused him. It has gotten better every day and my son is no longer in constant pain even the swelling of the bumps has started to decrease! His basketball season was a wash because he did not perform at his usual level due to not being able to run as fast down the court and the lack of confidence that started to affect him because he was always so worried about the pain in his legs.  His is now a couple of weeks away from starting his next basketball season and is really looking forward to preforming at his usual performance level. He did mention to me yesterday that sometimes he feels a little pain but nothing close to what he felt before and it is only sporadic. 
I just ordered a second bottle and wanted to know if we should continue with the 2 per day dosage due to the fact that he is still complaining a little of pain. Please advise what you think the best course of action should be.
Thank you so much for creating Oscon and helping my son live pain free and really enjoy his preteen and teen years playing the sports he loves and enjoys (football, basketball and track).
Yvette , Walnut, California, 22 February 2012,
Thanks, Gary!
I am buying this for my 15 yr old daughter who is a figure skater.  Last year she developed pain and problems in her left knee from practicing her double jumps repetitively.  She got to the point that the pain was so severe that she couldn’t glide let alone jump or even do spins.  We rested it as recommended but she never got better.  She was to have a solo in an ice show so I researched alternative treatments and came upon your supplement.  I figured we had nothing to lose so why not try it.  She really wanted to skate and only had a few months to prepare and practice.  Just as described, within days she said the pain was subsiding.  Within weeks she was able to jump and perform. She was able to do her solo! I now tell others about the miraculous treatment.  She also has the knee strap and continues to wear it.
Now she has been complaining about pain in her right knee so we are doing the supplement again and getting a strap for that knee.  I don’t ever want her to suffer as she did.  It’s unfortunate that the most active kids get this problem and it’s difficult to keep them down.  Having a therapy that gets them up and moving again so quickly is truly amazing!
Thanks from a happy mom and her skater!
Georgette, Ohio, USA 2/16/2012

Hi Gary,

We are so very excited to have Quinn join Pediatric Sports Therapy's list of teenage athletes that have received relief from Osgood Schlotter knee pain thanks to Oscon!  From our initial contact with you, we have been telling many people, including the president of FC COPA Futbol Club here in NJ, parents of Quinn's teammates, and our family and friends, about your products and what we have learned, so they could track our results. 

Recently Quinn finished taking the Oscon supplement, taking two per day for 30 days.  His experience was similar to what you described was most often the case- after the first two weeks of taking the supplement, Quinn was able to play in all games, which for him included three to four full-on soccer activities per week, and although he would describe his knees as "sore" after playing for 1 1/2 hours, he could play without the extreme and sharp knee pain that had previously caused him to pull himself off the field after a short time.  He was careful to take the time to ice his knees after each activity, and found the  Body Glove ice pack to be a great way to keep the ice on the correct amount of time -especially once he got home and had to start his homework.  Eventually the only tenderness remaining was in the bony protrusion or what we call "the knee bumps"  but I only know that because I have asked him about it a number of times, and even now, as another week has passed, he shrugs his shoulders saying "they really are not very sore at all". 

So it has been a success for him, and we wanted to thank you for sharing your research and knowledge.  Also, I appreciated immensely the opportunity to speak with you at length prior to ordering the supplement and kit.  It gave me a chance to review all my questions and concerns -which had resulted from Quinn's visit to the sports orthopedic doctor, and from my own on-line research.

At this time we have just one more question- since Quinn only has some tenderness on the knee bumps when pressed- is a second course of Oscon warranted at this time? it has been two weeks since he finished the supplement. thank you!

from a very happy U16 soccer player, Quinn, his parents, (and his coach, who was hoping it would work!)

Mary F., New Jersey USA, 2/5/2012


I just wanted you to know that we just ordered a 60 day supply. I ordered my son's first bottle as I wasn't sure if it was going to work. I'm happy to say its working, he is a 14 yr old baseball catcher and we thought his days of playing were over. Thanks to your product its working and he's back behind the plate pain free! He now has the confidence back and with hard work and the help of your product has the opportunity to make the high school varsity team. He grew very quickly (5'5" to 6' in one year) which is what the doctors said caused this, after all the research we found you guys online and we are so glad we did. We make sure we tell everyone about you folks.
Thank you once again,
James E., New Jersey, USA Jan 4, 2012
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